Saturday, February 23, 2008

1st ever ND student OT conference

So today was the first ever ND student OT conference. It went over really well. There were around 70 students there which is really good for a first time thing! There were OT students from UMary and UND and OTA students from LRC and NDSCS. We had the PTE advisors as the keynote talking some about the Centennial Vision (AOTA) and also the 'four i's' we need to approach our work with: Intellegence, Imagination, Integrity, and Inspiration. Then we had four break-out sessions throughout the day. One was on therapy dogs that are trained here in ND. They can be trained for most anything and are great working with ppl that have various disabilities. Some are used for mobility, some for hearing, some for seeing, some for sensing low blood sugar, others for early detection of seizures, and even more. It's amazing to see what they can do. The website of the company that talked to us today is: and is another site in Fargo that works with therapy dogs. We also were talked to about the recovery model. The OT and OTA from the State Hospital presented on this. They have they're programmed designed so it's set up more like a community than a controlling hospital environment. Recovery is a continuous process and we need to have our own choices in the medical setting in how our recovery will go since it's up to us when we get out. Another topic was benefits packages in our future jobs. There's so much out there to know when looking for jobs. I honestly felt like I needed to be there for another hour or so to really understand each individual thing, but oh well. Our last session was on Assistive Tech. The guy who talked about it was SOOOO knowledgable and passionate about what he did. He used a lot of websites as resources that were really great. One video he used to portray people of all types was , which was so right. There were quite a few tears shed after that one. talks about universal design for learning and . Another great video we watched was, which is about a man that was born with Spinal Muscle Atrophy and does everything with a switch with his thumb. He goes incredibly fast, I can't even imagine!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, that was pretty much the conference today. Happy Saturday!!!

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shilmoni said...

Hi Kara,
i am a 2nd year Ot student in New Zealand, Dunedin at the Otago polytechnic.......i have been reading your blog postings and i find it quite facinating as well as sincere.... Keep up the exciting life and spread the news..... Good luck with everything,
Shilmoni OT student/ Dunedin NZ