Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quick n Dirty Fundraising Ideas

Ok, so here are a couple free money fundraising ideas if anyone is looking for any. :)

Some are for a trip this summer to Africa that Andy and I are planning on going on with the youth group for three weeks in July. = $3000
Others are for one of my fieldworks to Guatemala with some of my classmates in November. = $1800

#1. Go to your local Pizza Hut and pick a date that works with them. Print off flyers with that date and post them/leave them everywhere and with everyone. We're planning on putting them on cars on campus and off. Then on that date you get 20% of all profits from that night when ppl bring their flyers in.
#2. The website is set up for non-profit organizations. You can set up your own account and for every search ppl use on the site you get 10 cents. It's powered by Yahoo so you get pretty legit results. I Google daily, and if you have a big group/congregation/family that would change their homepage to Goodsearch, you could get some moola.
#3. This is my favorite. Go to Sam's Club and buy a 24 pack of mini M&Ms that are in the canisters/tubes. Type up these directions on address labels and hand them out:
1. Eat and enjoy the M&Ms
2. Fill the container with spare quarters
3. Pray for us as we prepare for the trip
4. Return to ________ by _________
Once you collect all of the containers, count up your money and that's all there is to it. Each container can hold $14 in quarters. So that's $1400 for 100 tubes. It's nice because you don't have to collect money and deliver something, or force ppl to buy something. Everyone has spare change laying around, so give them one or two tubes for two months and you'll have some much needed funds. :)

Does anyone else have any ideas?????

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