Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Level 1 Fieldwork

So I'm done with fieldwork and back to school. It was a lot of fun but I was ready to get back home and stop living out of my suitcase. :) On Thursday and Friday I administered the CAM on a patient and watched the MVPT with her too. I'm glad the therapist was in the room with me. I went in the room pretty confident, but made a few simple mistakes that I'm glad she caught. I watched three therapists administer it that week and they all did it a little different but the same. Wednesday we went on a community outing to a local grocery store. There were three patients, along with and OT, SLP and Rec Therapist. Each patient had three goals for the trip involving ordering their lunch, ambulating ____ft, finding the items in the aisles, etc. They each got a grocery list that they decided for the next day's lunch and each therapist had one patient. The next day, they came to the OT kitchen and had to prepare, eat, and clean-up their lunch they had planned and their families could come. The whole experience was definately in a setting where I could see myself working in the future. Good stuff! :)

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