Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I love......

I love different things about each and every day. Today has been a realllly good day. I didn't wake up feeling the best, so I slept in which is always great. When I got up I actually got quite a bit accomplished. Did some laundry and cleaning, studied, and worked on my resume. I really don't think it's that great, but it needs to be done. I chopped my hair off last week and I'm not the biggest fan....so the fact that I had a good hair day today made me happier than it would make most. lol. I took a test in Assistive Tech class today and it was so much easier than the last. YES! We got out really early and then taught my cousin piano lessons instead of trying to stuff it into Thursday. Now the Biggest Loser is on---my favorite show! It's great like usual, but a little weird cuz it seems like there's a little spark between Mark & Alli. Not that you all know who I'm talking about so you'll have to watch it and see. I love seeing how far people can push themselves and grow in those experiences. Anyway, I'll write more about school a little later. :)

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