Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I am sitting at work once again. :) But it's good. I really like my job a lot. I work at a shelter for abused women and children. Working here has really changed me and will really help me in future practice. I have learned to be a great listener, have a ton of empathy, to not let others and myself be manipulated, how to handle certain crises, etc. It's been a great all around thing. I'm so glad Kristie told me about it. It's so sad to hear the stories of these women, but also great to see them finding strength to keep going.

That would be so great if there were two more days in the week where you could volunteer instead of work. I was looking in the paper last week at the different volunteer opportunities here and there is delivering meals, adopting a pet, the soup kitchen, being a big brother or sister, and so much more. I was surprised to see so many things for how small our area is.

Wow, it's late. That's it for today.

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