Friday, May 9, 2008

Me + Traveling = Love

I haven't been on here for quite some time.....

My goal is to get better at it over the summer. So grad was last weekend and it was fun to walk and get hooded. I'm not really sure where to put my hood, but it's fun to have it! :)

This month I'll be working full time at the shelter so that'll be awesome. We (Andy & I) are going to Africa this summer and need to do some major fundraising. I'm super pumped to go but there is a LOT to do before that I really hope all comes together. I have always wanted to go to Africa and would really like to go back and travel and serve in other countries. We're going to Cameroon but other countries I REALLY would like to go to are Kenya and Uganda too.

My dream job would be either something where I could travel with Andy to these other countries and places of need in the states and we could work together to help however: I could do the medical part and he could do the business part....or something that would allow us both to take at least a few weeks off every year so we could go on a short term mission trip. I know that I may not find these things right off the bat, but everyone needs a dream right?

We're also trying to save up money for my trip to Guatemala for some of my fieldwork. There's almost 10 of us going that are made up of mostly students and one or two faculty. That's in November so I'm lucky to have a little time before I do that. :) It will be great though.

So I guess if you could just send a little prayer this way that we'd raise all of the support that we would be MUCH appreciated. :)

Ya bye!

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