Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Update

Soooooooo, I guess I haven't updated since before Africa! :)
It was an amazing trip and I really don't have time to explain everything, but definately check out the video posted here to get a little taste. I saw that in an earlier blog I wrote about the fact that we were worried about receiving the support we needed to go on the trip. We've gone on other mission trips before to other countries, so we didn't want to bombard our family yet again with requests for money and support. We sent out letters and it seemed like the word leaked on it's own. To our suprise, we received beyond what was needed for the trip from family and friends to complete strangers. It was amazing!! We used the extra money to pay for our bills for the time we would be gone and not earning income. Our prayers were definately answered. Andy quit his job at the time to travel on the trip and I had OT fieldwork right after (and am still on it) so we now are trying to look for opportunities & jobs for both of us. Andy has been working crazy hard to earn the income we need these last couple months so I'm super thankful for that. Anyway, here's a short video of our trip.....more to come!!! :)

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