Monday, February 22, 2010

Another chapter in my book of life....

How sad is it that I haven't blogged in almost a year? Craziness. I've meant to quite a few times but never seemed to find the time among work, church, other activities, and having a husband. :) Well here goes....
I officially finished OT school last May ('09) and became a REAL occupational therapist in July. Since then, I've worked in an outpatient clinic focusing mainly on geriatric patients, as well as filled in for a pediatric clinic a couple days per week.
I have a new-found love for older adults that I have never had. :) I never disliked them by any means, but just didn't think I'd ever want to work with them. My dad has been a nursing home administrator my whole life, and my mom a nurse.....usually in the same place. I've grown up in them, helping decorate for holidays, watching Full House after school there in elementary school, ate meals there occasionally, and bombarded the activity rooms to 'make gloves' with the paraffin. I thought I'd probably end up working mostly with kids in the big scheme of life. Through my job (w/ more geriatric clients), I have met some amazing people, and heard of great stories. One of my patients used to be a dancer, some were missionaries in far off places, one boxed in a small town ND cigar shop when they were a teenager. One of them even saw Mussolini's body when he was hung upside down for all to see he had been killed. All of them have such interesting stories and histories. All important, but many are not remembered or known by others. I wish I could compile their stories and put them into a book. :) I could probably keeping HIPAA in mind, but that would mean I find LOTS more free time!
There are many new adventures in my life that are ahead of me, some of which I hope to share here. But not today.

In place of more verbage from me, here's a great video a friend posted today. :)


Anonymous said...

The hardest thing about writing (blogging) is actually doing it. Kudos for you to stepping back into the ring after a while, that's the hardest part.

Congrats on the new gig, I hope you're enjoying it. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts about geriatric patients as well... we can all learn much from them!

-Brad (@SPOTonChicago)

Anonymous said...

I'll second Brad on that point.

The reward is the community that you contribute to and the insights and passion that you can offer.

For my part, I am now going to blog about your blog within a broader article on social media within health care.

I also once read that when you come back to blogging there is no need to explain your absence, just let yourself back in and write.

Hopefully we can encourage one another and others to join the conversation, share and collaborate to see the OT and health care community become even more supportive and passionate.