Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I wanted to post this earlier but didn't think the timing was right, but it's official......I quit my first official OT job and am now doing some traveling OT! Crazy, right? I really didn't want to quit, but they no longer needed regular help at the pediatric clinic that I was helping out very part-time at and my job wasn't gaining hours (they hoped I'd become full-time), but instead was slowly coming to a halt. I feel horrible that I had to quit and a part of me almost feels like I was a failure because I was unable to get things going at a higher volume. I was doing inservices for 4 facilities and putting fliers in mailboxes of these residents as well as offering free screenings. They were great people to work with but it just didn't work out. :( I honestly have never quit a job before that. In high school I worked at Dairy Queen until I went to college. In the summers I worked at pools or camps so employment ended before school started. My first year of college, I coached gymnastics and cheerleading to little girls and then transferred. One of the jobs I had at the next school ended up going out of business, and the other two I still help out at. I just really like working there so I want to still feel like 'I've got it'. I hope I can find an OT job that I really like that much.

Right now I am in a hospital/nursing home/outpatient setting in a smaller community. I have actually really liked it and have learned a lot. The people are great and I kind of feel like I have been here forever and just slipped into it with ease. I hope to get some feedback of how the director feels things are going soon, but it's been so busy that I almost feel bad interrupting the schedule. It will happen though. They just had one of their physical therapists quit, so if anyone is looking for a PT job or and OT job---let me know! :) I've gotten to see a lot of variety too so that's been fantastic. I love listening to people's stories when they come in. To get to know about their lives, what they like to do, what they do or did for a living, about their children. I think I could be a professional chatter. (may not be a good thing!! lol) It's only a 13 week assignment and so I'm excited to see what our next adventure will be.

I am interested to see how this new health care plan is going to affect us as OTs as well as consumers. I am definitely up for some reform, but don't necessarily agree with some of the things in it. I have been getting pretty annoyed with the stories of 'Republicans' who are lashing out with hate toward the democrats who voted for it. It really bothers me. I don't consider myself associated truly with a certain party at this point but I am more on the conservative side with my values which tends to lean more with the Republican views. But I almost feel ashamed that these people who supposedly have these great value and moral systems are sending hate mail, throwing bricks through windows, cutting gas lines off of peoples' houses, etc. What great examples of hate you are to your children. :(a.k.a. my generation and those following) I am not saying that is what everyone is doing or that Democrats are angels, but I just wish that people could be more respectful and civil.

Last month, I was part of an AMAZING 'rally' where I learned that great things can be accomplished by just being kind. There is a bill that people like me wanted to get through quickly to stop and prevent more kidnappings, rapes, and murders in Africa that are going on right now. There is a rebel group called the Lord's Resistance Army (find more on www.invisiblechildren.com) that is now in multiple countries in Africa (Uganda, Sudan, DRC, etc.) and spreading quickly. They kidnap children and train them to be soldiers to kill their own people. The young girls get raped, and the children to small to carry guns (4 and 5 year olds) are given whistles and sent to the front lines to scare the armies, but most becoming easy targets (www.fallingwhistles.com). My heart breaks for these children and for the families that have been torn apart. Anyway, this bill was being held back by one Senator (www.coburnsayyes.com). Hundreds of teens and young adults camped outside of his Oklahoma office for 262 hours. I was only part of it through their live streaming of the event on the internet. They made signs and stood outside his office, being super kind. People were curious and they shared with them when they asked. Everyone knew what to kindly answer for questions being asked and people responded to them with great generosity and kindness in return. We wrote emails to him and called his office thanking him for the things that he has supported that we also support and then urged him to please consider passing this bill to help arrest Joseph Kony (the LRA leader) and put an end to the longest running war in Africa. And guess what? After all that time of being friendly and kind, he supported the bill!!! He actually thanked the people from Invisible Children and Resolve Uganda (www.resolveuganda.com) for doing this the 'right way' and he mentioned that he had only heard good things from everyone who had told him about them and this bill. It was just really cool to be a small part of.

Wow, that got a little long, but I just had to get some of that out there. Hopefully I'll start posting a little more consistently soon so I don't have to have wordy spells as often. :)

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