Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Really Happening!

So, once again, I'm stirring up the pot of life. I recently took a travel OT position in Idaho! My first day will be September 13th. And just to warn you......this may be a long story. :)
Currently, I am covering for a couple people on/going on maternity leave. In my interview, they said that if I found another position that offered benefits and full-time work, they would be understanding, since they weren't able to offer those things at the time. I started looking for things around the area that would allow me to either do both, or just that in order to stick around. I was able to figure out a couple things, but after doing some number crunching with our student loans and our budget, we weren't sure what to do. During this time, the travel company I worked with previously kept in touch with me to see how things were going. I explained our situation and how we were hoping to put as much toward our loans as possible, but weren't sure how to do it with our current situation. She offered a few suggestions, and Andy and I sat down to figure everything out. We did want to stick around the area and liked our jobs, but also knew we wouldn't be able to put as much money toward our loans as we would like, and that there were other places, jobs, and adventures out there that we would miss out on completely if we didn't take a chance.
We are super sad to leave our family and friends that have been so supportive and loving toward us, but are extremely excited about what the future holds in store. I'm excited to be able to take different jobs every 13 weeks or so in different places. On one of my fieldwork experiences, I was under 5 different OTs, learning from them. I loved being able to pull from all of their ideas and ways of working. This will be an amazing learning experience and help me grow my OT skills. I am also excited about it strengthening our marriage. We have always been surrounded by family and friends in our comfort zones, and now we won't have much of any of that, only each other! We're going on this crazy ride together and hope to make a lot of memories. The plan is to do this for a year and a half, depending on permanent job offers after. But we are open to adapting and changing to whatever we need to do to make this work.
For those of you who don't know, travel therapy usually provides more income than finding a position on your own, and also provides great benefits. Not only do we have great insurance, but we are allowed up to a month off between assignments while still being insured. We are hoping to use this time to catch up with family and friends, as well as go on a trip or to if we are able.
God has really been working in this whole process, so we feel like this is what we are supposed to do right now. Some of the things we were worried about to make this whole thing happen were 1) Selling Andy's car, 2) Buying a van {so we can pack everything there instead of renting so many UHauls}, 3) Finding a place to live, and 4) Finding a renter. Well, we sold Andy's car to a high school kid that was SUPER excited, found a van that was really reasonable that my dad helped us get up to par, found a fully furnished great place to live in Idaho, and most recently, found an amazing renter for our place. Those are just a few of the things that have been great in all of this.
Can't wait to see what's to come. This weekend, we will be packing up most everything we won't be needing and putting it into storage. Hopefully we can get everything else to fit in the van! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm a traveling OT out here on the road with my husband while we have someone renting our house for 2 years! You're going to LOVE traveling! it changes your whole life for the better, and I've learned quite a few life lessons since starting!

Rebelde said...

I wanted to ask, I'm halfway thru OT school and I am DEFINITELY thinking of doing some travel OT so I can see all my options before I settle down.
What agency are you working for?
Which can you reccomend?
You havent posted since you signed up, hoping for an update..