Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here I Go Again

So I have been absent for a number of months from this blog, and I wanted to give a link to the blog that my husband and I are doing as we do travel therapy. It's called Roo & Kare's Epic Adventure and can be fount at For some reason I cannot add it as a link at this time. It's more about our journey together through this adventure, and a great way to stay in touch with friends and family as we move from place to place.

I'm not the greatest blogger in the world, but there have been quite a few things that I've wanted to blab about, that I just don't have a good fit on our blog. I think Andy or some of our friends would rather hear about deer sausage and road trips instead of hearing about my latest failed attempt at crocheting. :)

I don't want or like to blog to get more people to read what I write. I don't even care that much if people read it or not. It's just a great medium to put my thoughts down and read other peoples'. I'm sure I have talked about many of these things before, but I want to give a quick refresher of the past few years before I start spilling my beans again.

Maybe I'll start at 2007, because that's when I can go back and remember the most. :)
Andy proposed in March at a hockey rink in town while teaching me to skate with Jack Johnson playing in the background. :) We both graduated with our bachelor's degrees in April, I started my Graduate program in May, Andy started his in the fall. In August, we purchased a duplex with Andy's brother and started remodeling with the generous help of multiple family members and friends. In September, we got married!!! I apologize to the multiple people that didn't get a thank you card. I feel terrible and have no excuse. Please know how grateful we are to have you in our lives.
2008 brought our honeymoon in January. We traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and were able to spend time with friends we had met from mission trips there. Our camera disappeared on that trip I feel we should re-do it sometime to get all new pictures and videos! That summer, we made some small sacrifices with work and school to be a part of a trip to Cameroon, Africa with Gateway Teams. God provided and through that trip answered multiple prayers. That fall, I had a fieldwork (internship) experience at the Anne Carlsen Center in Jamestown and it was incredible. Their website is , check it out! In November, I went to Guatemala with some classmates and a professor through the God's Child Project to build 2 homes and do OT. It was an absolute blast, and I fell even more in love with service and travel.
2009: I finished my schooling with one last fieldwork in Bismarck, Andy and I were done with grad school!!! The paying off our loans part is what we hate the most. In June, my brother and his girlfriend Shannon tied the knot! In December, Andy's sister Kellie had our first niece, Sylvie, and my baby sisters turned 16!!!
With 2010 came my first travel assignment in MN which was great, but also helped us decide that we didn't want to do it unless we did it together. Andy's other sister, Shannon had our second niece, Liv, and we found out my brother and his wife are expecting the summer of 2011. In September, Andy and I headed for north Idaho, and the rest is in the blogs!!!

There were obviously many other things that happened in that time span, but those are just a touch of the highlights. Sorry to bore everyone! :)

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Eileen said...

Hi Kara, I enjoyed reading your blog. I will also be a travel OT later this year. I am aiming for Austin as my first assignment. Can you tell me what companys you have traveled with and some of the pro's and con's?