Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Job Details

So, it's about time I update a bit about my job. I work at a fantastic place that I have really enjoyed. The learning part alone has blown me away, and I have a feeling I'm on a continuous learning roller coaster!

The facility provides a ton of great services. I don't even know where to start. The main focus of therapy is outpatient pediatric and adult clients as well as inpatient rehab. However, the OTs also work with our Driving Program, Home Care, in the schools, with Assistive Technology, etc. There are 4 locations throughout the metro area, with one being the main campus and largest facility.

Most often you won't only find the more common, run of the mill diagnoses that I have been used to over the past couple years: joint replacements, diabetes, falls, carpal tunnel, illnesses, CVAs, etc. They may be part of the problem, but most client's have multiple diagnoses or are in need of many services. My job is currently to cover for people leaving on maternity leaves, medical leaves, vacations, or whatever else. Usually I stay in a person's position for 1-3 months, so it's been a great transition from traveling.

Different locations seem to have various expertise/focus. I was at a different site during the fall and they focus on pediatric and adult therapy, as well as pool therapy and various pool classes. They also provide other services as well. The location that I'm currently at is larger and divided into teams for outpatient therapy: Neuro, Spinal Cord Injury, Ortho, Brain Injury, and Peds. The inpatient program focuses mainly on clients with spinal cord or brain injuries, but it's not limited to only these diagnoses. I have had at least a little experience with them all so far and it has been great! There are a lot of programs offered: vocational rehabilitation, an adult day program, an accessible fitness center, pool programming, chronic pain program, sports and recreation programs, as well as many others. I feel lucky to be part of such a diverse and client centered organization. My co-workers have been very welcoming and helpful which makes for an even better transition!

So far so good, and I hope they'll keep me. :o) That's all for now, hope your week is going fantastic!

Watch this video to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. I thought it was hilarious, hope you like it!

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Jessica said...

so glad I found your blog :) I am an OT student and am interested in doing Travel OT for a while after I graduate this December! What travel company did you use- I've been researching a few different ones so far and spoke with a couple at the AOTA Student Conclave but its so hard to decide which would be best- at least I have some time before I have to choose!