Monday, February 20, 2012

Apps for Brain Injuries

People with brain injuries make up a very large population of clients that we see daily. We work on things like cooking, dressing, cognition, balance, strength, transfers, functional use of affected extremities if that is an issue, memory, attention, path finding, money management, etc.

One thing I like to do is to provide them or their families/caregivers with dependable outside sources that they can also get information from. Sometimes as therapists who see them consistently, we may be some of the only ones that get one on one time where they are free to ask questions and have time to discuss issues they may be having in their daily lives. is a great website with fantastic information for those affected by brain injuries. One of the bummers is that our facility isn't listed on theirs as a resource in MN. Anyway, they have put together a list of 24 Life-Changing iPhone and iPad Apps for People with Brain Injuries and 18 Life-Changing Android Apps for People with Brain Injuries!!!  I actually just print a copy of these and give them to clients if applicable.

I haven't had access to them all but here are some that I have used with clients or use myself:

iPad : They are becoming more and more common for some clients to have so it is so great to have so many fantastic options available.
   - Dragon Dictation : Love this one. Dragon Naturally Speaking is also one we recommend a lot to many types of clients. Great for clients that have difficulty with organization, pain, or want things to work more efficiently if they have hemiparesis that slows them down. Downside is if clients have difficulty with cognition or aphasia, as well as certain accents/dialects.
    - Proloquo2go : I haven't used this one as much but I know our speech therapists use it often. We see it more often with kids who have speech delays but it is also incredible for those with aphasia, especially expressive aphasia alone.
    - My Emergency Info : Great to have all of your medical history in one spot in case of emergencies or to bring to appointments. It's super helpful! However, I'd maybe think about putting a lock code on it to keep it safe if I ever misplaced it.
    - Pill Time : Apps like these are a lifesaver for those who have to keep track of multiple meds or times.
    - Locate Me Now : Great! Need wireless capabilities on a network with an iPad.
    - Lumosity : GREAT website. Specifically designed for those with brain injuries. You can choose what you'd like to work on specifically and they will form a plan that fits your needs. Our facility has a membership to it so I have used it in sessions and have my own account as well. Downside, you have to pay a monthly fee.
    - There are also apps to help with calenders, grocery lists, password keepers, banking, etc.

Android :
   - Smart Hearing Aid: Have not used this one, but now I totally want to. How cool is that!
   - Evernote: I use this one often. Keep to do lists, take notes, store pictures, etc.
   - Where Am I? : also good for people with dementia
   - PTSD coach and support for veterans. There are great resources out there for those who have risked their lives for our country and our freedom. The more links we can have the better!

Do you have any others that you have used or want to use that aren't on these lists??

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