Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free Switch Games for the Computer!!

So this week I worked a little on exploring some free switch games online. There are a TON of free options!  Here is a blog that has great resources......follow them! < > The categories in this post include Cause and Effect games, Single Switch, Double Switch, and Subscription Sites.

Why switches? Switches are great for introducing cause and effect, building attention, cognition, etc. You can have them use their head, hands, feet, elbows, or whatever, so it is great for kids that have a more difficult time with range of motion or motor coordination. It's helpful to have more motivation for reaching tasks, or a good distraction if you have a child in a standing frame.

There are a ton of options: big switches, small switches, cartoon switches, pillow switches, air switches, etc.

What do you need? First, a computer. Then you'll need a switch. And finally, you'll need a Switch Interface Box. This box will communicate between the switch and the computer. When you plug in a switch, it usually replaces or mimics the function of a certain key. One game may use the mouse, so your switch would mimic the click of a mouse; another game may use the tab or space bar keys, so then your switch will use that function to interact with the activity. Because some games use different keys to operate, this box gives you the option to say what key you will be representing so it can communicate correctly with the computer. I hope that makes sense.

I want to put some more time into finding these activities online, and then make a spreadsheet of the games, their function, what the reactions consist of, and what key/function it is mimicking. It will take some time, but I feel it would be a really good resource.

Here is a cute game where you hit your switch to find hidden animals. It's more basic cause and effect, but there are others where you have to pay more attention to timing. This is one where you have to wait and press at a certain time to hit a clown with a pie. For more of a challenge, here is one that requires more advanced timing and reaction speed. There are also games that deal with specific learning topics: alphabet, colors, math, science, etc. I'm sure you could do a little web research and find a ton!!  If you have any other resources I'd love to hear of them!

Happy Sunday!

The start of my mini garden blowing in the wind. :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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locksmith tools said...

Welcome to the world of switch games!

I highly recommend giving these a look too:

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kara said...

Thanks @deepsharma, I hope you find it useful! @OneSwitch, I'll also be sending these links onto some co-workers! :)

Nicole Knofflock said...

Hi Kara
I'm an occupational therapy student in New Zealand. We had a guy come into the polytech who works with severly disabled students and talk to us about switches that can be used to control items such as a blender ( our challenge was to make a smoothies using communication devices and switches). The open the world up so much for these people. I didn't realise they can be linked to computers! Thanks
Nicole :)

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